21 May 2012

Two Things: Discrimination

I read 2 interesting pieces, the T-P's (AP) piece on the Metro Planning Comms of BR and NO spending 300K of Federal funds on a feasibility study of a train from BR to The Crescent City; and The Gambit's editorial about the South being on the wrong side of history, once again, vis-a-vis gay marriage/rights.

About the first; In 2009 Jindal rejected the chance to get 300 million in stimulus money from the Fed to build a high speed train for the same route, with options to expand the service to points beyond. The studies had been done and the deal was ready to go, then Lil' Bobby nixed it. So why are we spending so much money on a new study? Boondoggle, perchance? Slopping the hogs?

As to the second, I have spent so much time watching the pullback of our civil rights by Conservatives: aliens, women, asians, blacks, hispanics, the poor, that I did not connect the dots. Gambit, much to my surprise, did just that. Every state in the South that had laws against interracial marriage now have laws against same sex marriage.

Time to reread M/F by Anthony Burgess.

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