23 March 2012

BP's Happy Commercials

A lot of people have been writing about the aftermath of the BP disaster last year, but BP keeps running commercials with local people from the Gulf Coast telling us how BP has done its part in cleaning up the spill and how everything is hunky-dory now. Bull Shit. A new report shows the breadth of the damage inflicted on the Gulf. 28 species of dolphins, porpoises and whales are in serious peril from the oil deluge. The animals not killed by the this toxic spill and the the Corexit are in pitiful health.

21 March 2012

Stupid Commissioner of the NFL

I am no fan of football but this nonsense about paying bounty money to players for doing their job is idiotic. The Saints were wrong to do it but the egregious penalty imposed on the them is gross and excessive. It is likely the scheme was merely a racket to get around the salary cap imposed on players. The only good that can come out of this would be a severe examination of the sport, the owners, the money and how the system is rigged.

I doubt that will happen. But you can sign this petition:

07 March 2012

Louisiana Education Reform

Bobby Jindal is, as usual, saying one thing while doing the opposite. He says we need to educate our children but he is slashing high education budgets and trying to kill the teacher unions. He would like to privatize public education an install a voucher system that would be inadequate to pay for middle and lower class education.

 True education reform would be to make all public universities tuition free. That will be expensive but it will yield enormous benefit to all of us in Louisiana. It spite of Rick Santorum's idiotic opinion of a college education, it is increasingly hard to get a good job without a college education. Indeed, Louisiana's poorly educated citizenry is the main reason (not tax breaks) more companies don't open  businesses here.

College is the best way to maintain the middle class and promote home ownership. And free tuition would go a long way to making Louisiana a great state.

Pot News Flash!

Pat Robertson has come out for decriminalizing marijuana. This is unprecedented, for the first time in my life, Pat and I agree on something. I still reject his narrow-mindedness, his bigotry and racism, his scorn for women, his perverted christianity, and his fascist politics.
In short, although he finally has done a good thing, I find the man repellant and offensive.