15 May 2012

People Die, But Jindal Don't Care

This is Steve Cropper's post on his blog:
Today I lost my best friend, the world has lost the best guy and bass player to
ever live. Duck Dunn died in his sleep Sunday morning May 13 in Tokyo Japan
after finishing 2 shows at the Blue Note Night Club.

I dislike Bobby Jindal and I hate what he is doing to Public Education and Public Health and Public Transportation. Let's not forget the Prisons (read the T-P 8 part piece that started yesterday--their shot for another Pulitzer). That is no excuse for the title of this post.
But there is no excuse for WVUE - Fox Channel 8 (owned by Tom Benson) to declare Gayle Benson to be be the First Lady of Sports. What has she done in sports? Her husband was ready to move the Saints to Texas just a couple of years ago if he didn't get a new dome. Perhaps she dissuaded him from the idea, but we don't know. The Citizens of Louisiana paid for the Superdome, and we pay for its upkeep and maintenance; Benson gets all the profits and pays little in taxes.
Sorry, what has Gayle done except hobnob with Pope Ratty?

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