02 January 2012

Happy End of the World

This it. Once more we await the demise of our existence. Those Mayans way back when knew so much more than we do now. Calendar Cycle Over!

Perhaps they did. Cloramines and fluorides are in our water and our government lies to us about it. Now I sound like a Bircher. Birchers are really wacko. I am just a man whose intentions are good. Oh, please, Lord, etc.

You can google this. Fortunately there are better people than me writing about this. I am dealing with my dear friend having cancer, so I worry about that and drink too much and I don't do enough research and I screw up a lot.  But I am still annoyed by the massive stupidity of the media. Those are the people who should uncover the stories.

But they do not. So we must, you and I. And I am not good at it, so it is you. I will help if you ask, if I am able.

But we must.