28 February 2011

Coxsucker Internet Service And Lying Commercials

Cox is the worst company on earth, and not because they hired Ray Nagin as a Regional VP before he was elected mayor of New Orleans. Their internet service is so slow and their digital cable goes out on a regular basis. I call to complain at least once a month.

I have become incensed by Cox's stupid commercials that claim to have the fastest internet, and cox spends a lot of money making those commercials instead of upgrading their systems.

Cox brags about its fiber-optic lines, but less than 20% (my guess) of their lines are fiber-optic. Their equipment is antiquated, their modems and nodes (the devices that split the cable signal from the line to your house) are more than 10 years old. The nodes were designed to handle 12 accounts and they now handle 2 and 3 times that, which is one reason why your service is so slow. Cox is splitting the nodes and slowly switching to fiber-optic cables, but they can't tell you when it will happen. In the meantime, they happily charge you the full rate for crappy service.

Lafayette installed a fiber-optic internet service as a public utility (because Cox was reluctant to put one in) and they get impressive speeds at half the cost we pay in New Orleans.

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