09 February 2011

Jindal Attacks the Healthcare Reform Law

The Gov's hypocrisy continues. He (along with 20 other Republican governors) is asking Obama to make 6 major changes to the 2010 Health Care reform IF the Supreme Court doesn't overturn it. He wishes states had been given more opportunity to provide input when the Act was being drafted. He argues that the Act will create a huge unfunded mandate on the states.

This is baloney. He has seen the CBO's assessment of the cost of the law and he knows it will actually reduce Medicare costs to the states while increasing the number of people covered.

He is also concerned that the federal government will end up running the health exchanges instead of the states. I say, bring on the Feds! Jindal has proven that he wants to destroy public health services. When he was Secretary of DHH, his claim to fame was "saving money" by closing dozens of clinics across the state. He closed down the Youth Psychology Clinic in New Orleans when we were in dire need of it in the aftermath of Katrina, the Federal Flood and the BP disaster.

But think about this: if the Supreme Court doesn't overturn the law, why would Obama change it for the worse? This is another publicity stunt by Jindal to stay on the national stage.

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