22 February 2011

How Did Jindal Become A Millionaire?

Porpoises are turning up dead on the Mississippi and Alabama coast at 10 times the normal rate and I am sure BP had nothing to do with it. But back in July I said that we and the Gulf are screwed for at least 30 years, so let me talk about the Gov.

Jindal has held only a single job in the private sector, when he was 24. He worked one year for a consulting firm and for the last 16 years he has been paid by taxpayers, either as an appointee or as an elected official. But he is a multi-millionaire. How does that work? His parents weren't rich -- his mother worked as a bureaucrat in Gov. Foster's administration -- so they didn't give it to him.  A US Congressman gets $165,000 a year. How did he amass his millions?

He did lure Albemarle to LA with huge tax incentives, and he had over a quarter million dollars invested in that company in 2005 when his wife worked for them. And Albemarle happily contributed to both of his runs for Governor. But from where did those multi-millions come?

It does seem a mystery, but his wealth helps explain his war on Louisiana. The stupid rich don't think they benefit from public schools, public health and public wealfare -- all those things formerly called 'the commonweal '-- so they work to destroy it. Yet the Republican Governors in Wisconsin, New Jersey, Ohio, and Florida are so outrageously attacking the less-than-rich that they are making Jindal look like a small-time piker.

He's not. Just remember that he's not done yet.

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