05 March 2011

Is Jindal Selling Our Children?

The short answer is Yes. Jindal has spent most of his life trying to dismantle Public Health, Public Schools, and Public Jobs. So the latest news about his wife's Foundation scheme comes as no surprise. The Daily Kingfish wrote a nice short piece about it. Jindal is very creative in getting money out of corporations like Marathon Oil, AT&T and Northrop Grumman.

Of course, donating money to Supriya Jindal Fund for Louisiana's Children sounds good, but AT&T donated a quarter million and got the right to sell cable television services without having to negotiate with each Parish.

Marathon Oil was approved to increase production after donating the same amount to the fund.
Yet Jindal's press secretary said "It is a completely nonpolitical organization created by the First Lady, who as an engineer and the mother of three children, has a passion for helping our young people learn science and math."

Oh, yeah, no quid pro quo, just coincidence.

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