12 February 2011

BP Oil Disaster Still With Us

Bp's Disaster is very much here and now:

The national media have given up reporting on the consequences of BP's Deepwater Horizon Disaster in spite of the story being very much alive. Rachel Maddow reported last June on BP's lack of interest in funding research on oil spill clean up, but no one else cared. We don't hear much about tar continuing to pollute Gulf Beaches. John L. Wathen wrote about BP's literal cover up of oily beaches last June, but his blog pages on the subject have vanished (although some new writing is here and here).
The media fail to report that there are more rigs in the Gulf, not less, than a year ago and they don't give much coverage to  disaster related stories, such as the Congressional hearings on offshore drilling safety, on Obama's leaning to decline to set up an independent agency within the Dept of Interior (to function like the FBI in Justice) that was recommended by the set up to investigate the oil disaster.

This is part of the sad commentary of the moribund condition of our media. We saw it after the Federal Flood and after the Bp Disaster, and we are seeing it again in Egypt as I write this. This is what happens when News reporting becomes Entertainment.

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