13 December 2010

Dwain the bathtub, I'm Dwowning!

Here is a very thoughtful piece by a man who gets us, to a point:

My only complaint is that the good Rev, like so many people around the US, thinks that New Orleans is below sea level. He goes so far as to say that some parts are 20 feet below sea level. This is rubbish and, oh, it vexes me.

The esteemed Richard Campanella, of Tulane and Xavier, compleated (not a typo, check Mark Twain or Ben Jonson) a study in 2007 which gives the lie to this belief. levees.org has gone on about this since its inception,pointing out that many of our major cities are partially below sea level and 37% of the US and 55% of the population are protected by levees.

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