14 January 2011

National Oil Spill Commission Report

The report is finally in and it isn't good for Jindal

They accuse him of showboating and wasting resources on building the useless berms. As early as July 2010, scientists were calling on the Gov. to end the berm project. Of course, his popularity remains high in the state but I see it falling badly before the election. Going after LSU, public schools and teachers will backfire.

His new idea is to get businesses to partner with Charter Schools so they can tailor the instruction to ensure a stream of new workers.

This is a very bad idea. It would turn public schools into factories, each one with a different curriculum and no standard degree program. It would also help Jindal to fight teachers by destroying tenure. So education would spiral down and would most likely make a college education not an option, certainly not a Liberal Arts education.

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