11 January 2011

Jindal's War on Louisiana

No word on mental health, but as I posted a month or so ago, closing access to mental health will have severe repercussions and look what happened last Saturday in Arizona.
The Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals’ Chronic Disease Prevention and Control Unit provides these facts about Louisiana on their website:
  • Approximately 208,000 adults or seven percent of adults in Louisiana have been diagnosed with diabetes.
  • African Americans have the highest prevalence of diabetes, with a nine percent diagnosis rate, compared to five percent of Hispanics and six percent of the white population.
  • Over 20% of adults currently do not have health insurance of any kind, including Medicaid or Medicare.
  • Nearly one out of four adults is obese.
  • Louisiana has the fourth highest cardiovascular death rate in the nation.
  • One in four adults in Louisiana are current smokers.
  • One in four Louisiana children have tried cigarettes by the 6th grade.
  • Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in Louisiana, accounting for almost 40 percent of all deaths in the state.

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