15 January 2011

Jindal's Plans

I just found this courtesy of jindalwatch.com/wheresbobby/ I consider Jeff Crouere a phony pundit and a fairly brain-dead Neo-Con but he got this right:

After spending the past few months fundraising and campaigning for out of state Republican candidates, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal began a jammed packed eight day book tour today. This morning, the Governor was interviewed on the Today show and Fox and Friends. He is also being featured on Fox News as one of the top 12 GOP presidential prospects for 2012. He will soon jet to California for meetings and fundraisers and then travel back across the country to Washington D.C. for more book promotion. He finally arrives back in Baton Rouge next Tuesday. In a poll on www.TheDeadPelican.com  67 percent of respondents believe that all of this travel is purely for self promotion that solely benefits the Governor.
 All of this publicity will help Governor Jindal sell copies of his book, “Leadership and Crisis,” make plenty of money and raise his profile nationally. However, while he is busy travelingand promoting, Chad Rogers, publisher of the Dead Pelican, and many others are asking a very simple question, “Who is running Louisiana?”
 I guess the state is just running itself. So, if a Governor is not needed, maybe we can save the salary and let the Lt. Governortake the job. From the minute he was elected GovernorBobby Jindal has been consumed by an overwhelming desire for the national spotlight. In recent months, his national ambitions have reached an obscene level. During the fall campaign, he traveled all across the country, raising money, collecting political favors and helping various GOP candidates. Curiously, he refused to endorse any Louisiana candidates and neglected our state’s severe problems.
I think Jindal is destroying Public Health, Public Schools, Public Transportation, and fighting Social Security so he can cut taxes. The only reason to do this is to put it on display as being "Fiscally Responsible" to the Republican Party, the NRC, for a reach for some national office. It is clear that Bobby will have to hightail it out of the Bayou state pretty soon because his vultures will come home to roost and things will get very ugly here and for him. 

The only reason he is running for reelection is that LA has an off-year election for the Governor, so he won't have a shot for a National spot until next year. 
I don't think Fox would hire him, as they did hire Palin, as a pundit, so he'll need a job until that National offer comes.

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