27 January 2011

Jindal's Latest Volley in His War on Louisiana

Last Septembre, Gov. Jindal declined to apply for $300 million from the US to build a high speed light rail line from New Orleans to Baton Rouge because it would cost $18 million a year to operate. He wants to build more highways to carry more cars and trucks.

But now he has rejected stimulus money that would help the state pay for people's medical bills. He claims, through Sect Alan Levine of the Department of Health and Hospitals, that the "funding would create long-term financial obligation to the state and create obligations difficult for the state to meet in years to come."

You see, the Gov doesn't want to help the poor and middle class, he just wants to cut taxes for the rich. Why else get rid of the increased income tax on the rich under the Stelly Plan?

Oh, he could get rid of the sales tax cuts on food and medicines caused by the Stelly Plan, but then he would soil his reputation of cutting, not raising, taxes. That would not sit well with Neo-Cons and the Tea Party.

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