24 March 2011

Jindal's War on Louisiana: New Attack

Da Gov's attack on the Middle Class and the Poor isn't flashy or headline-grabbing like Scot Walker, Rick Scott, or Chris Christie, but it is relentless. Yesterday, Lt Gov Jay Dardenne told the House Appropriation Committee that State Parks, libraries, Arts, and tourism would be hurt by Jindal's budget. Jindal created this budget crisis by cutting taxes on the rich and corporations (the same thing happened in Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin) and he is using this fake crisis as an excuse for cutting all Public Works.

In a related story, LA will opt out of creating a Health Insurance Exchange and is returning the million buck grant to the Feds. This, however, is a good thing for us. The Feds will now administer the Exchange for Louisiana, moving us closer to true National Health Care.

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