13 December 2011

Caravan Bridge
Will anything Bobby Jindal does last unto his Grandchildren's days? 
I think about our crumbling state, exemplified by our crumbling bridges and then find this:

Caravan Bridge
Courtesy of Photographium

Oldest: Caravan Bridge, Turkey

At first glance, there's nothing remarkable about this bridge. The arched stone slab straddling the River Meles, in Izmir, Turkey, extends only 42½ feet and is about as simple as they come. But it's the age, not the physical aspects, of the Caravan that sets it apart. Built in 850 B.C., the bridge is 2,861 years old and has reportedly been crossed by the likes of Homer and Saint Paul. As impressive as some of the other bridges on this list are, it's hard to imagine they'll last even half that long.

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