08 November 2011

Herman Cain's Stunning Art Project

Did you see Rachel Maddow's show Friday night? She shared a revelation (try to ignore the lying propaganda from ExxonMobile about "shale" oil) about Herman Cain that was blindingly brilliant. How did I not see it? 
I was waiting for the lame stream media to pick up on this, or, when that didn't happen, for John Stewart or Stephen Colbert to notice. But yesterday passed with nary a mention.

I am accustomed to the mincing mainstream media ignoring big issues -- 2 big ones are: 

1. The arrest and deportation of some of the Irish and Canadian Freedom Flotilla crews and journalists by Israeli forces

2. The lawsuit filed on behalf of thousands of Haitians against the UN for the introduction of cholera into Haiti.

But to ignore Rachel's revelation about Cain is mind boggling.

I begin to suspect that the women coming forward to accuse him of sexual harassment are part of his art project. Sound far fetched? Explain this bizarre Smoking Man commercial that Mark Block made:

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