03 July 2011

Oil Today, Disaster Tomorrow

A new oil spew today. Nothing new here--it happens all the time. So, you nay-sayers, it is past time to drill far offshore in the Gulf and in the Grand Canyon and, most assuredly, in the Arctic Sea. Spews be damned!

No matter that Japan has figured out that converting to LED lighting would eliminate 13 of their 19 functioning reactors (they have 54, but the rest are currently off-line). The West--Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma, and most of the Mid-West-- could build Solar Farms like Spain is doing. Hell, we could do it here in South LA. It would provide more cash than rice paddies and would provide year round income with only maintenance costs and it would be far less destructive than coal mining. You do know that that 45% of US Electricity is produced by more than 100 coal burning Power Plants (21% is from Natural Gas)?

But I forget that our elected "Reps" are deep in the pocket of Big Oil.

Just a pipe dream. Like Health Care and Social Equality. Not in our yard, god damn it!

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