15 July 2011

Jindal Spins the Debt Ceiling

Bobby Jindal is spewing the same bloody nonsense that is hemorrhaging from every member of the GOP (read this from Paul Krugman today).  He claims to balance our State Budget every year and insists that the Feds must do that as well. In reality, Bobby balances the budget by draconian cuts in education, healthcare, social services, and highways: kicking the mess down the road to our kids. And he knows that the Federal Gov doesn't operate like a family or even a state. Deficit spending is the only way to get out of a recession, and anyway, The GOP are responsible for the majority of our national debt--remember the Bush Tax Cuts? They added 2.5 Trillion to the national debt. And the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq?

Letter from Bobby:

Dear Friend,

It appears that Americans are not as sophisticated as the Obama Administration had hoped.  Thank goodness. Despite the President and his Treasury Secretary constantly threatening us with the end of the world if we don't all agree that more debt is crucial to American success….Americans are still against putting the country more in debt.  I guess the American people are just hardheaded.

In Washington they are making this into a very complicated debate.  It's really not.  Our unprecedented 14 Trillion dollar debt is endangering not only our future, but also our present. Everyone talks about how damaging this debt will be to future generations, and that is true.  But it is also damaging our country right this minute.

There is not a sober person in America who does not realize that excessive government spending is at the root of our nation's economic problems.

The smart guys in Washington insist that more debt is crucial to our economic survival.  We have to borrow more, because we have borrowed too much…or something like that.  This makes sense only in the 202 area codes.  The rest of America refuses to understand this, thankfully.

Let's be clear, there will never be a time when it is convenient or easy to curb government spending.  That day will never come.  And the liberals will always say that curbing government spending is heartless, cruel, and wrong.

The guys on Wall Street will always say we have to increase the debt ceiling; there will never be a time when they don't say it is crucial to our survival.

Republicans in Washington must insist that any bill to increase the debt ceiling include a Balanced Budget Amendment, caps on spending, and real cuts in federal spending.

Here in Louisiana, and in most states, we balance our budget every year.  It's not easy, and almost every state has had to make spending cuts.  No one enjoys cutting spending, but it's the only responsible thing to do.  Is it really too much to ask our federal government to balance our country's budget?

Now is the time.

Governor Bobby Jindal

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