14 May 2011

Nagin's Impending Book and Trial

Anyone can write a book and get it published and that is what C. Ray Nagin has done. His real talent was to get amazon.com to sell it--we'll see how that goes. He released an excerpt that gives a good indiction of what a worthy tome this book will be, but the real question is: who is the publisher?

I'll wager a sack of berled crawfish from KJean's that it is a vanity press job, for even the smallest publisher would be parading this book all over town.

And how could the timing be better? The trial of Mark St Pierre is in full, lurid swing (read American Zombie's account of a day in the trial, it is a thing of beauty) as Meffert spills his guts (as per his agreement with the Feds), and you can't buy that kind of publicity. Nearly every witness implicates Ray-boy in all sorts of illegal activity and he is sure to be featured in own trial soon, and won't that sell books? With all that free publicity, it must be self-published.

But maybe Nagin will be saved yet because he has pull with the Big Boy upstairs (read that excerpt above). If Divine Intervention saved the National Guard from being overwhelmed by the Gangs in the Super Dome in the days following the Federal Flood, why wouldn't it happen again for Ray?

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