25 April 2011

A Real Budget

Does anyone still think the GOP is good for us? They are, with few exceptions, greedy, selfish, hateful, sexist, racist, demagogues, phony religionists, and they just don't like anyone but the rich. Just look at the latest Republican darling "Intellectual" (and for once I am not speaking of Lil' Bobby) Paul Ryan. His ludicrous budget proposal would add 7 trillion or so to the national debt and would destroy Social Security and Medicare and National Healthcare (which does not come into full force till 2014).

And what is the alternative? Obama's proposal is much better, as it restore taxes on the wealthy and corporations, but it would increase the debt almost as much as Ryan's plan would. But there is a plan that would actually balance the budget by 2021 and preserve Social Security and Medicare and would improve the Healthcare Law. It is from  the “People’s Budget” from the Congressional Progressive Caucus
Their budget would toss the Bush Tax Cuts and trim the obese Military budget. It would also raise the cap on SS taxes, which would affect about 6% of the work force (you know, the people who are paid more than $250,000).

Time to call your elected douche bags?

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