07 July 2012

The Curious Case of the T-P's reporting of LA School Test Results

The T-P ran a story Friday morning with the headline "Test scores rise for New Orleans, Louisiana high school students" by Andrew Vanacore. The first 2 paragraphs sound like good news, but continue on to page A7 to read a qualification: "But that improvement has not been reflected in the state's average score on the ACT, an exam that colleges and universities use to gauge whether students are ready for college-level work -- and one that Louisiana plans to emphasize in its new grading system for schools. Statewide, the average ACT score has risen less than 1 percent since 2007 and still lags behind the rest of the U.S., although this year's results haven't been released yet." 
If that sounds like the T-P editor is shilling for Jindal and for Charter schools, cast a gander at the chart in the article that shows the test results. It clearly shows that charter schools rank far behind the Orleans Parish School Board schools.
This crap makes me want to cancel my subscription--but wait, the T-P is doing that for me. 
The much vaunted nola.com buries the story--it can only be read after persistent digging. This does not bode well for our fair city.

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