24 September 2011

Jindal Spins Unemployment as Private Sector Job Gains

Got another email from the Gov today and he continued his Rick Perry-like spew of lies:

The Louisiana Workforce Commission announced just this week that for 11 straight months our state has added private sector jobs. Our unemployment rate also fell for the 3rd consecutive month and continues to be well below the national and Southern averages.

Now this is a lie by omission, so many may not think it a lie, but look at this graph:

I readily acknowledge that big spike at the end of 2005 was due to the devastation of the Federal Flood, and that huge dip in unemployment during 2006 to 2008 was due, god forbid, to the infusion of Federal money to rebuild New Orleans and points south. 

The point here is that our job growth has declined since 2008 and, 6 years later, is approaching the record high of the disaster of the Federal Flood of 2005.

This is a record that Bobby wants to brag about?

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