23 August 2011

Jindal Attacks Obama for...Creating Jobs!!!

I begin to wonder when our Gov last told the truth--I certainly can't recall a single time. His latest pack of lies came in an email 19 August 2011:
Dear Friend -Louisiana is now in the tenth month of consecutive, private-sector job growth according to new numbers from the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics—with new, even lower unemployment numbers to boot.

These numbers serve as the tangible validations of our plan to put Louisiana's best foot forward in spite of a difficult national economy, in spite of a bloated and ineffective Washington.

Make no mistake; we arrived in our current situation because we had a plan.

When businesses were asked why they didn't come to Louisiana – one of the most cited reasons was corruption.  Thus, we laid out historic ethics reforms to inspire confidence in our state, tax cuts to embrace growth, and workforce training that guarantees citizens are ready and able on day one to go to work.

The evidence is clear: cleaning up government and empowering employers has brought us jobs, new families and growth during a national economic crisis!

President Obama's plan, or at this juncture shall I say plan-in-planning, is to preach from the national pulpit about the evils of wasteful and overly large government all the while expanding it as fast as he possibly can.  He is talking the talk, but staying rigidly immobile when it comes to walking the walk.

He has no plan, has not had a plan in many months, and is currently on vacation in Martha's Vineyard taking in the ocean views while the country scratches its head in total bemusement at how utterly disengaged this president is.

The plan will come next month, he tells us.

It's big government to the rescue in typical big government style—at the pace of a particularly lazy snail.

A plan should have been in place since day one. We had one, it worked, and Obama has only to look south toward Louisiana to see a clear path toward a brighter economic future.

Enjoy your vacation, Mr. President. We will continue working.

What was Jindal's plan? To publicly denounce and reject the Stimulus money from Washington before accepting it and handing out, via expensive helicopter trips, over-sized checks with his name on them, as though the checks came from him. He also fails to mention that a lot of that Public Sector job growth occurred in Charter Schools subsidized by the Feds, Katrina and Rita and BP clean up and rebuilding, subsidized by the Feds (and by money the Feds forced BP to pay). I am sure a few jobs were created by Jindal's dark deals with Chouest, Halliburton  and other friends.

Jindal criticizes The Pres for announcing he will present a plan for reducing waste and creating jobs without announcing that plan. That is very squirrelly logic from an ethically challenged man. And where is Jindal's Plan for Jobs? Where is the plan of the National Republican Party? 

They don't have one.

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