02 November 2010

Election Prediction

Okay, I know this is a weird Mid-term and that the polls are whacked, but I think there is a chance that Vitter will lose. I had lunch yesterday with a close friend who is a Republican and he told me me he can't vote for Vitter. This is a guy, a Vietnam era Vet (a story I cannot tell), who totes guns, sells guns, and teaches shooting. He didn't say he would vote for Melancon, but he is voting for Fayard.

We had lunch at Santa Fe. My first time since they moved to Esplanade. It was pretty awful, he had a tamale with pork, I had the Chili Relleno. Both were too salty and covered with velveta-like cheese, garnished with puréed avocado, not guacamole. Edible, but more Tex than Mex. The Roasted Beet salad was great. With roasted pecans, feta and a simple vinagrette--no choice of dressing offered, hurrah!

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