31 October 2010

The Tea Party

When I was in Grade School and first learned about the Boston Tea Party, I was confused. Why did the patriots fighting for liberty and representation dress up like Mohawk Indians to do their civil disobedience? If you are protesting doesn't it make sense to let it be known who you are so a point is made? I asked many teachers and never got a good answer, no one could explain this. I found the answer long after I had finished school in an essay written by Robert Graves. He states that Samuel Adams was a tea smuggler and the British Tea Act cut the tax on the East India Company so it could sell its tea cheaper than smuggled tea. The "destruction of the tea" ( it was not called the Boston Tea Party until 1834) occurred in the evening, at low tide, the 342 tea chests were sealed and waterproof. While some of the "patriots" did hack the chests open, many chests were thrown overboard and bobbed in the shallow water until they could be retrieved later. The value of the tea was £90,000, according to Ben Franklin, who argued that it should should be repaid, but any tea that was recovered was free and hugely profitable.
Sam Adams was a bad businessman and worked for a time in his family's business as a maltster, a man who malts grain to be made into beer. He did not make beer.
The 16th amendment allows for the Federal Income Tax and the 17th allows for the election of Senators--they used to be appointed. Jeff Landry wants to abolish Federal Income Tax and replace it with a National Sales Tax of 28 to 32%!
So watch this idiot below, the video is poor but the sound is clear.

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