22 September 2010

Whose Waterloo is it Now?

The Tea Party is splitting the GOP; if they don't regain the House, we may be hearing their death knell. Just when you think they can't get any crazier, they do. Angle went to a John Birch Society meeting and called them the real American people. O'Donnell thinks that Obama is treasonously violating Section 1 of the Constitution by creating "a nobility" by appointing "czars", even though Obama doesn't use that term and there is no such job title in his administration. Ronald Reagan started and used the term with his creation of a Drug Czar, and Little George appointed far more than any other president, 47 in 35 "Czar" positions.

Rand Paul says there is no drug problem in Kentucky.

Sen Murkowski knows she will split the Conservative vote in Alaska, but I guess she figures a Democrat is better for Alaska than Joe Miller.

And not passing Don't Ask, Don't Tell today--not even allow it to be debated--is another nail in the coffin.

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