20 August 2010

Taliban in Florida

Dan Webster is running against Alan Grayson. He was endorsed in the primary by the Orlando Sentinel and by Jeb Bush and he has very scary ideas about marriage and divorce. While in the Florida Legislature, Dan Webster sponsored a bill to institute "covenant marriage." Covenant marriages are now optional in Florida and do not allow for divorce except in the case of adultery. So if you find you are married to an abusive bastard and need a divorce there is only one option: you would need to deliberately commit adultery in order to get that divorce. But under Dan Webster's law, if both parties cheat on each other, then they can't get a divorce. Ever. And he tried to make that the only marriage available in Florida.
There is only one place in the world where both divorce and annulment are forbidden: The Taliban Government in Northwest Pakistan. Dan Webster is not a fringe Republican, he was in the Legislature for 28 years and served as Speaker of the House.

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